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Anna/Kate Band is a 6-piece strong folk-pop band based in NYC. Initially established as 2 queers and a ukelele, Anna and Kate have been joined by multi-instrumentalists Mark Harad-Oaks and Kelly Wenof House, drummer Bryan Clark, and cellist/performer Temi Hason. Together, the band creates anthemic music about nature, abandonment, community, and the times in which we are living, as well as striking love songs, with signature harmonies; from she to she. The Band's debut album, "How to Hold," will be released in early 2018; recorded/mixed/mastered by Grand Street Recording, with guest producer Sean Cronin ("I Run With You," Shipwrecked"), featuring married string-duo Pete Lanctot and Ginger Dolden, pianist and solo artist Dane Terry, and featured vocalists Sharisse Francisco, John Bennett and Basit Shittu.


If you haven’t heard of the Anna/Kate Band you’re in for a treat. The pair craft intricate, perfectly-harmonized folk pop tunes with quite a bit of weight...the band holds a special place in my heart. “I Run With You” reminds us of our common bonds as humans and what we all have to lose regardless of our political affiliations if we don’t take a stand.
— No Depression, Rachel Chlost
‘I Run With You’ is released after a year of the most controversial presidential elections in US history with the election of a president set on reversing LGBT Rights. The New York based band themselves have described their sound as “queer folk-pop”, which certainly rings true on the first track of their forthcoming album.
— Thinking Lyrically, Vee Caswell
They test the boundaries between music, theater, writing, and performance, and produce unique and interactive cabarets and concerts.
— Posture Magazine
An enjoyable, idyllic diary of my idealized twenty-something life... What strikes me most throughout the music is the pair’s warmth and humanity: these are songs of celebration, that focus on being present in the moment. Those are lessons to take with us no matter how old we are.
— Adobe and Teardrops

Listen to our new single, ' I Run With You' Here!

“We just want to share the inspiration behind this song. This song has been four years in the making. During that time, we’ve been incredibly moved (literally) by the protest movements we’ve been lucky to support with our voices and bodies in NYC; including Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Sandy, 350’s Climate March, the Women’s March, and, of course, Trans* Day of Action and the Dyke March. We’ve been so inspired by collective action; taking the bridge, taking over the highway, creating sound tunnels on busy city streets, and taking action. We wrote this song as a love song to the community that chooses to march, to raise their voice, and to gather communally. As Margaret Atwood would say, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”
— Anna/Kate Band



Past Shows/Experiences:  

From a festival stage in the heart of New York City, East Village’s Astor Place, to a concert during Berlin’s LGBT-focused Christopher Street Parade, the Anna/Kate Band are always ready to put on a show. Their concerts straddle the line, blending music and theatricality, taking the Anna/Kate Band from mainstays of NYC’s music scene (Rockwood Music Hall, PIANO’s, The Bitter End) to theaters throughout New York. They’ve performed for Kevin Kline, and accepted an invitation to Sting’s apartment as noted festival artists. After a hiatus in 2017 to record their debut album, “How to Hold,” the Band is ready to get back on stage. Want to take a look back first? See below for past Festival gigs and Booking Highlights...

Past Festival Gigs:

Astor Alive (2017), MUSIKEST (2015/2016), Campfire Festival @ Club Passim (2016), CrisisArts Festival (2016), American Folk Art Museum’s Free Music Friday Series (2015 & 2016), SubRosa Series @ SubCat Studios, Syracuse, NY (2015)

Booking Highlights: 

This Is Not the Radio @ Rockwood Music Hall, Stage III (2016 & 2017), PIANO’s (2015 & 2016), Bitter End (2015), Pete’s Candy Store (2014/2015/2016), La MaMa ETC (2016 & 2017), Six Depot Cafe & Roastery, Berkshires, MA (2015 & 2016)

PAST SHOWS: Jan 2016- Present

"Head on Vacation" by Anna/Kate Featuring Jayne Quan (guitarist, they/them pgp) and Karen Eilbacher (couple 1), Ryan Lindsey and Phillip Gainey IV (couple 2), and Mark Oaks (our bassist) and Shara Harad (couple 3). Production: Joshua A.

Written and Performed by Anna/Kate Filmed at Judson Memorial Church 9.4.16. The Anna/Kate Band takes it back to the very beginning; just 2 queers, a uke, and all the feels. Filmed at Judson Church, a historic NYC location for dancers, musicians, and poets, in collaboration with dear friend, Reverend Micah Bucey. "Grind your guns into glitter..."

The Anna/Kate Band is making an album and fundraising to do so!! Visit: to Donate, Pledge and Follow our process . . . through rehearsals, recording, mixing/mastering, distributing and finally our Album Release show at the end of 2017!
The 3rd This Is Not The Radio Podcast hosted by Nicholas Zork features the Anna/Kate Band and is available here: Melissa Czarnik shot the videos. Produced by Lynette Williams. #TINTRpodcast


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