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Anna/Kate Band is a 6-piece strong folk-pop band based in NYC. Initially established as 2 queers and a ukelele, Anna and Kate have been joined by multi-instrumentalists Mark Harad-Oaks and Kelly Wenof House, drummer Bryan Clark, and cellist/performer Temi Hason. Together, the band creates anthemic music about nature, abandonment, community, and the times in which we are living, as well as striking love songs, with signature harmonies; from she to she. The Band's debut album, "How to Hold," will be released in early 2018; recorded/mixed/mastered by Grand Street Recording, with guest producer Sean Cronin ("I Run With You," Shipwrecked") and guest artists Sharisse Francisco, Dane Terry, John Bennett and Basit Shittu."


There were many bands... One of those, the Anna/Kate Band, is terrific. Normally an eight-piece band, they had only three on stage for their set ...They have great harmonies and an infectious sound. For one song, Anna and Kate stood at opposite ends of the room and sang to each other without amplification. Fabulous
— No Depression
They test the boundaries between music, theater, writing, and performance, and produce unique and interactive cabarets and concerts.
— Posture Magazine
An enjoyable, idyllic diary of my idealized twenty-something life... What strikes me most throughout the music is the pair’s warmth and humanity: these are songs of celebration, that focus on being present in the moment. Those are lessons to take with us no matter how old we are.
— Adobe and Teardrops


by Anna/Kate Band

Vocals: Anna Gothard, Kate Foster and Abakis (ft. Head On Vacation) 
Ukulele: Anna Gothard
Guitar: Jayne Quan and Abakis
Bass and Harmonica: Mark Oaks
Saw: Jessica Sennett

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released August 23, 2014

Recorded with Derdy Nerds Records exclusively with Mark Oaks.


"Head on Vacation" by Anna/Kate Featuring Jayne Quan (guitarist, they/them pgp) and Karen Eilbacher (couple 1), Ryan Lindsey and Phillip Gainey IV (couple 2), and Mark Oaks (our bassist) and Shara Harad (couple 3). Production: Joshua A.
NYC based folk-pop band, Anna/Kate, sing "NOLA (Has My Heart)" behind a tiny desk with tiny picture frames for NPR's Tiny Desk Series Contest. More on Anna/Kate: Instagram: @annakatemusic Anna and Kate were born sometime in the 80's. They moved to NY when the economy crashed, straight out of college, with loans in tow.
The Anna/Kate Band is making an album and fundraising to do so!! Visit: to Donate, Pledge and Follow our process . . . through rehearsals, recording, mixing/mastering, distributing and finally our Album Release show at the end of 2017!

Meet Kate Foster, our co-leader/writer/composer! She's been in concert venues, theatres and sofa stores with the Anna/Kate Band... In other times, you can find her on stage with absurdist rock band Sean Cronin's Very Good, in the office as an arts administrator, or writing with a large cup of coffee. She is beyond excited to finish recording, mixing and mastering the Anna/kate Band's debut album... and she needs your help to do it! Keep telling friends, families and strangers about the PledgeMusic campaign, and let's bring the dream home!



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